About us

Green Sourcing

Green Sourcing is a young, dynamic company and based in Nuremberg, Germany with partners and representatives in Hong Kong. We specialise on product sourcing and trading of innovative, eco-friendly products.

Together with our consultants in Hong Kong, we support European companies that would like to expand their markets in Hong Kong and China.

Green Concept

We are devoted to source and trade with products that are made from recycled, biodegradable, organic and other sustainable materials and fair trade products.
In order to guarantee the products'quality, most of the natural and organic products are certified according to the European regulations.

Apart from quality, we attach great importance to sustainability and social responsibility. We do not just provide our customers products with the best quality, but also want to send them a green message and a positive attitude to life at the same time.

Green Mission

We believe everybody can take part to protect the world for our future generations. Moreover, we hope everyone in the supply chain can make a significant contribution to the reduction of ecological footprints.

"We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children." Lester R. Brown, Gründer der Worldwatch Institute, USA

Social Responsibility

We want to establish a healthy and fair business system among customers, suppliers, and all partners. Through this common goal, the working and living conditions of our partners will be improved.

We are glad to work with small businesses and social enterprises, so that their own designed and individual products can be rearched at our valuable customers.